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Our company being located in Debrecen, the eastern end of Hungary, takes the pride to have operated for quite a long time now. In its present form, as under the name of ASK Homework, it has been working since 1998 to bring gamers the best quality of pinball games providing fun gameplay. The hardcore of developers before the establishment of ASK Homework had already been working together publishing small demos and other kinds of media work.

We have developed titles for such different platforms as Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP, Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox, Microsoft Xbox 360 and PC Windows. Of course we always look for new challenges and possibilities and try to break in new areas of platform gaming. As a result of this expectation we have started to develop for iPad and iPhone products.

 Ball Towers HD (iPad)
 Ball Towers (iPhone)
 Theme Park Pinball (iPad/iPhone)
 Dream Pinball (PC,WII,DS)
 Pure Pinball (PC,XBOX)
 E-games Pinball (PC)
 Nvidia Pinball (PC)
Upcoming titles
 Battle vs Chess (WII,PSP,DS) 
 Dream Pinball 2
 Rail Runner 3D (iPad)
 The Pinball (iPhone)
 The Pinball HD (iPad) ../balltowershd/Photos.html../balltowers/Ball_Towers.html../themeparkpinball/Theme_Park_Pinball.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1shapeimage_3_link_2

Tibor Mezei
Chief Executive Officer

e-mail address: tibor[DOT]mezei[AT]askhomework[DOT]humailto:tibor[DOT]mezei[AT]askhomework[DOT]hu?subject=shapeimage_7_link_0